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Talk about Twister. What Bay Ridge residents described as "a tornado" whirled in from the Narrows during a fierce rainstorm and tore open a roof at a condo complex by the Verrazano Bridge.

THE MINI-TORNADO STRUCK the complex called The Slope which covers the block bordered by Shore and Colonial Roads at 101st Street and Fourth Avenue on Friday afternoon. "The sky turned to night. I heard a roar and looked out my window when I saw a black funnel coming down from a dark cloud," said Marilyn Ricetti, a 101st Street resident who witnessed the event from her home facing the complex. She watched debris sweep across the street in a violent whirlwind with heavy rain pounding down at about 2:30 p.m.

"I heard a loud bang. Then I saw it and said to myself, It's a tornado," she said. No injuries were reported but nerves were shattered. Witnesses on Third Avenue fled the sudden downpour which turned streets into river rapids. They noticed a whirlwind stretching down from a very dark cloud just north of the Verrazano Bridge.

"I knew it was a tornado, like you see in the Midwest or on TV," said Rose Bernstein, a witness. Down at the scene the clean-up began. "I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING like it," said Bill Boshell, owner of Super Roofer.